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Shanghai Integrated Micro-systems Technology Co., Ltd.

Core sensitivity will be high-quality products and services for your service

      Shanghai Integrated Micro-systems Technology Co., Ltd.Shanghai Integrated Micro-systems Technology Co., Ltd.,founded in 2006 , is engaged in the sensor chip R & D , production and sales company based on MEMS ( micro- electro-mechanical systems ) technology. The company has an independent product development team , which has a abundant technical force and has the relevant intellectual property rights in the diffusion silicon pressure sensor and infrared thermopile sensor chip encapsulation technology. Since its establishment , relying on the international advanced level MEMS production line of Shanghai Institute of Microsystem And Information Technology

      (CAS),MEMS pressure sensor chip and infrared thermal power reactors could be mass-produced .

As a professional manufacturer of MEMS sensors , for many times to undertake the Project 863 ,and reached domestic leading level in the MEMS pressure sensor and infrared thermal reactor R&D, design, production capacity. We establish a core of DIE- diffused silicon pressure sensor chip - complete product line pressure sensor module , can provide customers with pressure sensor DIE ( bare chip), so-8 and dip-6 plastic chip, high-precision wide temperature pressure sensor module .We are in the domestic leading position of the electronic sphygmomanometer , tire pressure, intake air pressure sensor automotive market segment.


     Our independent intellectual property rights of infrared thermal piled up into 200 pairs of thermocouple, reached the international advanced level, improve the sensitivity of infrared ray, and on the basis of thermal reactor developed infrared CO2 sensor module, at present a large number of applications in teaching equipment, fresh air system, indoor environmental monitoring, agricultural greenhouse, intelligent building, etc.    XinMin  will serve for you with high quality products and services, and can customize according to the demand of products. We sincerely welcome people with lofty ideals and we seek common development.